Cluster Headaches Health

Cluster headaches are very painful. They happen on one side of the head and come in
clusters, or cycles (also called cluster periods). A cluster period might last 1 month or longer. This type of headache often starts at night and can last for 30 minutes to several hours.



4 steps to control my Diabetes

This booklet gives four key steps to help you manage your diabetes and live a long and active life.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that occurs in people who have diabetes. It causes progressive damage to the retina, the light-sensitive lining at the back of the eye. Diabetic retinopathy is a serious sight-threatening complication of diabetes.

Diabetes Eye Exam

How often should you be tested? If you have diabetes, get tested every year, or more often if your doctor says to. If you are at low risk for vision problems, your doctor may consider follow-up exams every 2 to 3 years.


How Can I Improve My Cholesterol?

There are several lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your cholesterol. You can eat healthy foods, reach and maintain a healthy weight and be physically active. Some people also need to take medicine to lower their cholesterol because changing their lifestyle and diet isn’t enough.


Alcoholism >>> Depression: Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Recovering from depression can be a difficult challenge. At times you may feel overwhelmed. You may be tempted to drink or use drugs to try to escape depression symptoms. But using drugs or alcohol can make your depression worse.

Alcoholism>>> Alcohol and your health

Many people can enjoy a drink now and then, but alcohol can be dangerous. It can cause accidents and health problems, and it can lead to addiction. Some people should not drink at all. They may not be able to control their drinking, or they may have health problems that alcohol makes worse.

Alcoholism>>> Pregnancy: How Drug and Alcohol Use Hurts Your Baby

When you are pregnant, everything you eat, drink, or take into your body may affect your unborn baby. So try to eat healthy foods and drink lots of water while you are pregnant.